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Inside JET


JETs exclusive technology splits the smoke into hundreds of micro-bubbles, producing an indescribably smooth hit.

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Extra thick, high temperature ceramic heat barrier coating

Wont mis-flavor your smoke

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Subzero WaterPipe

Customize your pipe by adding any 14mm tapered glass bowl, ashcatcher, etc..

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Doesn't leech, keeps full flavor of your smoke.

Not exposed to any heat, only holds water and smoke/vapor

Drop-proof, wont shatter like glass or acrylic

Thick-walled: over 3mm thick

This video shows the patented diffuser technology in action, and how it successfully percolates like no other pipe on the market.

Pay attention to how it foams rather than bubbles!

Here is a short clip demonstrating both the diffusion and valved-stem function.

Notice those beautiful pearly white bubbles !

pearly white bubbles

Now this video makes us cringe every time we watch it.

Unfortunately, this was the only way we could demonstrate its durability.

Just when you thought the pipe couldn't get any smoother, we invented the JETstacks !


A stackable percolation system that can double, triple, quadruple, even quintuple the pipes' smoothness!

stackable percolation

Engineered for unmatched smoking performance.

>> See How it Works


Official waterpipe of the


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The term “waterpipe” is in reference to a device constructed for the sole purpose of filtering tobacco smoke/vapor via one or multiple water baths. Usage of this site is subject to our terms and conditions

2014 JET Filtration Systems

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NGSIv2 implements a pagination mechanism (which by the way is very similar to the one implemented in NGSIv1) in order to help clients to retrieve large sets of resources. This mechanism works for all listing operations in the API (e.g. GET /v2/entities , GET /v2/subscriptions , POST /v2/op/query , etc.).

The mechanism is based on three URI parameters:

limit , in order to specify the maximum number of elements (default is 20, maximun allowed is 1000).


offset , in order to skip a given number of elements at the beginning (default is 0)


count (as option ), if activated then a Fiware-Total-Count header is added to the response, with a count of total elements.


By default, results are returned ordered by increasing creation time. In the case of entities query, this can be changed with the air jordan 29 year of the goat ebay uk

Let's illustrate with an example: a given client cannot process more than 100 results in a single response and the query includes a total of 322 results. The client could do the following (only the URL is included, for the sake of completeness).

Note that if the request uses an offset beyond the total number of results, an empty list is returned, as shown below:

In order to help clients organize query and discovery requests with a large number of responses (for example, think of how costly could be returning a query matching 1,000,000 results in a single HTTP response to a queryContext request), air jordan 1 flight 3 white roses
(and related convenience operations ) and womens nike free run 2 blue
(and related convenience operations ) allow pagination. The mechanism is based on three URI parameters:

limit , in order to specify the maximum number of entities or context registrations (for queryContext and discoverContextAvailability respectively) (default is 20, maximun allowed is 1000).

details (allowed values are “on” and “off”, default is “off”), in order to get a global errorCode for the response including a count of total elements (in the case of using “on”). Note that using details set to “on” slightly breaks NGSI standard, which states that global errorCode must be used only in the case of general error with the request. However, we think it is very useful for a client to know in advance how many results in total the query has (and if you want to keep strict with NGSI, you can simply ignore the details parameter :)

Stack Exchange Network

Stack Exchange network consists of 173 QA communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

One of my least favorite things that Apple does to every Windows computer during an installation of iTunes is that it installs Bonjour. On almost every Windows machine I've installed iTunes on, Bonjour has caused an error of some sort.

As far as I can remember, I've removed Bonjour by deleting the folder it's in. Most of the time, this has not caused any major problems. However, I have a new installation of iTunes and I'm wondering if once again I should delete Bonjour.

Are there any issues caused by deleting Bonjour? Would I lose any functionality?

From air jordan flight origin 2 white grey black
about Bonjour on Windows (my emphasis):

shared music libraries AirPort Express Apple TVs web interface for status and configuration network printers

If you don't use any features, then removing Bonjour won't cause you any trouble (except perhaps Apple Software Update might offer to install it again...)

Furthermore, nike roshe run black and silver womens dress shoes
has some instructions for more throughly uninstalling Bonjour.

You are able to use "[computer name].local" domains all over your network. This also applies to Apple mobile devices and other hardware (I have: Mac Mini, Western Digital NAS, HP printer and Linux laptop -- it has its own Bonjour called Avahi).

Please support adoption of the Zeroconf protocol and report bugs to Apple, because they give us an opportonity to drop the horrible NetBIOS technology and to connect across different platforms.

You don't need it, about the only thing I have ever actually used it for in a Windows machine is to enable printing to a printer attached to my Airport Extreme. In fact because of the unusual port range it uses, I have actually encountered issues with VPNs that have refused to work properly until it is uninstalled, so I actually remove is as a matter of course.

Of course if you do magically require it later down the line, you can always install it as an individual package.

Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 air jordan 14 retro low varsity royals bagels
on this site (the association bonus does not count ). Would you like to answer one of these nike air max 1 patch pack ebay login

“What happens when local news isn’t local? This.”

The ad shows Deadspin’s viral video compilation of the promos assailing “fake” stories and “biased” journalists.

How America's largest local TV owner turned its news anchors into soldiers in Trump's war on the media: the air jordan 11 ie low referee schedule

— Deadspin (@Deadspin) March 31, 2018

“Sinclair owns this station and nearly 200 others. It forced dozens of anchors to recite the same political message, word for word,” the Allied Progress voiceover says.”Now Sinclair is trying to control local news stations in 72 percent of American homes. Tell the FCC to stop the Sinclair merger.”

The ad urges viewers of Sinclair stations to call the government regulator and oppose Sinclair — an awfully unusual sight.

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Sinclair may have calculated that refusing to run the ads would have simply drawn more attention to Allied Progress’s campaign.

So instead this message pops up right afterward:

“The misleading ad you just saw focused on a brief promotional message that simply said we’re a source for truthful news,” the Sinclair voiceover says. “It ignored thousands of hours of local news we produce each year to keep you informed. The ad was purchased by a group known for its liberal bias, and we hope you won’t buy into the hysteria and hype.”

Trademark and Copyright 2018 air jordan black cat 13s outfits
, Inc., a Time Warner Company. All rights reserved.

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