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dygraphs lets you add annotations (markers) to individual points on your chart. These markers have a short bit of text or an icon that's displayed over the chart, plus a longer description that appears when you hover over them.

There are two methods which are used to add, remove and modify annotations:

Calling dygraph.setAnnotations(dygraph.annotations()) is a no-op: it simply causes the chart to refresh.

Let's say we have a simple chart and wish to add an annotation. Here's how:

Annotations are JavaScript dictionaries. The series and x fields are required: they indicate which point the annotation should be attached to. If specified, shortText will appear on the annotation "flag". If you don't specify shortText , you can specify icon instead to display a small picture. The text parameter specifies hovertext. If you highlight the annotation and leave the mouse still, it will appear.

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, you need to pass in a numeric value for the x field. For a numeric x-axis, simply pass in the x-value of the data point on which you wish to attach the annotation. For a date axis, pass in Date.parse('YYYY/MM/DD') . This returns milliseconds since epoch for the date.

To remove or modify existing annotations, call the annotations method to get an array of annotations. Modify that array, then pass it back in to setAnnotations . For example, this code deletes the second annotation and changes the series to which the first is attached:

For a more real-life example, see the annotations demo

When you pass a URL as the data source to dygraphs, it must issue a request for the data before drawing the chart. This means that the chart data is not yet available immediately after you call new Dygraph and so the call to g.setAnnotations will fail. The best way around this is to use the ready() method:

These properties can all be set in the dictionary for an annotation. The use of each one is demonstrated on the nike air max atmos elephant for sale

dygraphs lets you attach event handlers to your annotations. These can be specified globally (for all annotations) or on a per-annotation basis:

These event handlers all take the same parameters:

January 15th for Fall admissions. (The Fall semester begins at the end of August)

Application Materials:

The following materials must be submitted online via the Cornell University Graduate School online application system :

Cornell Graduate School Online Application form

Application Fee

Personal Statement

Transcripts (and English translations if required)

TOEFL scores (see women nike frees white
for further details)

Three letters of recommendation from faculty members acquainted with your work

An essay, term paper, or honors paper dealing with music history, theory, or analysis

Scores of two recent compositions, with MP3 recording (over-sized scores that cannot be submitted via the online application, may be mailed to: Graduate Field Assistant in Music, Cornell University, 101 Lincoln Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-4101)

Every student accepted into the D.M.A. in Composition program at Cornell receives four years of guaranteed funding, including financial support for three summers. Every student is given a fellowship for the first year; the remaining semester of fellowship is usually taken in the fourth year, or may be deferred if outside funding is procured by the student. The remaining 2.5 years of funding are in the form of teaching assistantships. Student Health Insurance is provided under fellowship and teaching assistantships. Partners, spouses, and dependants can be included for additional charges.

Although it is possible to complete the D.M.A within four years, most students require more time. When possible the department may offer additional semesters of teaching, but such support is not guaranteed. Many students seek outside fellowships beginning in their fourth third year. There are also a few dissertation fellowships available through various Cornell programs. Entering students are encouraged to apply for Javits, Mellon, or other outside fellowships as another means of extending their graduate support. For a list of external and internal graduate fellowships (searchable by keyword, program name, or deadline) see the air jordan 1 nice kicks new release

The Department of Music offers a wide variety of teaching experiences, and students are free to request a specific teaching assignment. The faculty makes every effort to match interest and skill to course offerings. Click here to learn more about teaching assistantships.

A “Blue Moon” is the name given to the second full moon in a calendar month. Since there are roughly 29.5 days between full moons, it is unusual for two full moons to occur in a 30 or 31 day month (and impossible to fit into a 28 or 29 day month, so February can never have a Blue Moon). The saying “Once in a Blue Moon” means a rare occurrence; on average there will be one Blue Moon every 2.5 years. Calico Racing has celebrated the Blue Moon in 2012, 2015, and will again in 2018.

Once in a DOUBLE Blue Moon: In 2018 we will celebrate something truly rare, a situation which only takes place about four times a century: two Blue Moons occurring in the same year. The last time this happened was in 1999, and after 2018 we won’t have a double blue moon again until 2037, 2067, and 2094! Sounds like a good excuse to party!

Once in a DOUBLE Blue Moon:

You can choose from the following start times, or DOUBLE DOWN and run both!

6:45pm DOUBLE DOWN You may deduct $5 from the combined entry fees if you are running any combination of DAY and NIGHT races. No code required- it is encoded into the online registration platform.When registering online, choose your morning and evening race distances, the $5 multi-event discount will be deducted in your cart.

*ALL raceentries include acustom technical shirt, finishers' medal, event timing, post race food, award eligibility, aid stations, and a fun time!

You may deduct $5 from the combined entry fees if you are running any combination of DAY and NIGHT races. No code required- it is encoded into the online registration platform. When registering online, choose your morning and evening race distances, the $5 multi-event discount will be deducted in your cart.

** Those running both AM and PM races will receive 1 shirt and 2 medals !


Sunset Regional Park : History Walk Trails (Paved)

Sunset Regional Park : History Walk Trails (Paved)

2601 East Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120

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The History Walk paved trails are completely removed from vehicular traffic. The path is mostly flat with only slight inclines/ declines- setting the stage for a PR, or perfect for the beginning runner. The course is walker and stroller friendly. Enjoy views of the Las Vegas Strip, Frenchman's Mountain, landing aircraft, and bunnies!

  • 2408 - 2410 Ownby Lane
  • Richmond, VA 23220
  • T: 804.420.2420
  • TUE WED : 4 - 9 PM
  • THU - FRI: 4 - 10 PM
  • SAT: 1 - 10 PM
  • SUN: 12 - 6 PM
  • 820 Sanctuary Trail Drive
  • Richmond, VA 23238
  • T: 804.420.2420
  • TUE WED : 4 - 9 PM
  • THU - FRI: 4 - 9 PM
  • SAT: 1 - 9 PM
  • SUN: 12 - 6 PM
  • 1000 W Main Street
  • Charlottesville, VA 22903
  • T: 434.234.3386
  • TUE - WED : 3 - 9 PM
  • THUR - SAT : 12 - 11 PM
  • SUN : 12-6 PM

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